13:40. Movable panel of a roof

Components of installation of the movable panel of a roof

1 — the Side peak
2 — the Brush
3 — a drive Cover
4 — the Krivoshipny drive
5 — the drive Handle
6 — a water discharge Hose

7 — the drive Case
8 — the Fringing
9 — the Side peak
10 — the Glass cover
11 — the Sealant, separately is not replaced

Components of assembly of the movable panel of a roof

1 — the Drainage system
2 — Kulisnaya a guide
3 — the Clip
4 — the Back guide
5 — the Forward guide
6 — the Sealant
7 — the Lever of a vetrootboynik
8 — Vetrootboynik with a cover

9 — the Back guide
10 — the Forward guide
11 — Kulisnaya a guide
12 — the Krivoshipny drive
13 — Vetrootboynik
14 — a roof cut Sealant
15 — the Sun-protection peak

Replacement and adjustment of the drive of the movable panel of a roof


  1. Remove a plafond of illumination of salon (see the Head Onboard electric equipment).
  2. Remove the handle and a cover from the krivoshipny drive.

Removal of the handle of the krivoshipny drive

  1. Turn out screws of fastening and remove the krivoshipny drive from the drive case.

Screws of fastening of the krivoshipny drive

  1. Put the krivoshipny drive in installation position. Install into place the drive handle, the pin specifies in the direction of the movement of the car.

Components of the krivoshipny drive
1 — the Gear wheel
1a — Direct teeths of a crank
1b — Slanting teeths of a cable

  1. Turn the handle clockwise against the stop.
  2. Turn the handle on three whole revolutions in the opposite direction. If the full turn of the krivoshipny drive does not happen, replace the drive.
  3. Fix the handle and establish a lamp plafond.

Adjustment of cables of the drive of the movable panel of a roof (Corsa model)


  1. Remove a glass cover, a drainage system and the krivoshipny drive.
  2. Displace a coulisse guide from a cable guide against the stop forward.
  3. Displace the joint pin (1) of a guide of a cable back so that adjusting tags (2) guides of the coulisse coincided.

Components of the drive of the movable panel

  1. Establish a clip (3) guides of the coulisse so that the ram of a clip passed by a back edge of a groove of the tire with shift 0.2 ÷ 0.5 mm.