13:25. Removal and installation of an external mirror and electric motor of its drive



  1. Wring out a mirror from the case by means of the wide pallet not to damage the mirror case, enclose rags or a cardboard. The mirror can be removed, having pressed it from the outer side and having extended from the inside fingers. In this case the window should be opened.

Removal of a mirror

  1. In the presence of heating of a mirror separate its socket.
  2. Turn out э / the mirror drive motor from the case and separate its socket.



  1. Establish into place э / the motor of a mirror and fix it, at the same time lay an electrical wiring behind the motor. Connect the socket.
  2. Before installation of a new mirror grease lock brackets.
  3. In the presence of heating of an external mirror connect its socket.
  4. Establish a mirror so that lock pads were over the corresponding openings and press on it. The mirror has to be recorded.