6. Power supply systems, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases

General parameters

Petrol models
Unleaded gasoline is not worse than AI-95
Diesel models
Diesel fuel with cetane number not less than 49

Operation of diesel models in winter conditions

When using summer option of diesel fuel at a temperature below 0 °C there can be interruptions in operation of the engine that is explained by increase in viscosity of fuel as a result of release of paraffin.

At negative temperatures it is necessary to use special "winter" diesel fuel. Depending on brand winter fuel provides uninterrupted operation at temperatures from -15 °C to -22 °C.

Use as gasoline diesel fuel additives, etc. of thinners is not allowed!

At poor quality of fuel replacement of the fuel filter, perhaps, will be required to be made more often than it is provided by the schedule THAT.

Specific expense fuel/issue of CO2

See Specifications to the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation.

Power supply system type

Petrol models
X10XE, X12XE engines Motronic 1.5.5
X12SZ, C14NZ, X14SZ engines System of the central injection MulTec
C14SE engine System of the distributed MulTec-M injection
X14XE, X16XE, C16XE engines System of consecutive injection MulTec-S

Diesel models

The system of a turbo-supercharging enters a basic equipment of the models equipped with the X15DT engine.

Diesel engines
System of forkamerny injection of VE 4 with TNVD of the distributive VP29 type and electronic control

Maximum admissible frequency of rotation, rpm

See Specifications to the Head Dvigateli.

Technical characteristics of a power supply system

Petrol models

Preset values of pressure of fuel

45 and 60 h.p. engines of 1.2 and 1.4 l respectively, atm
82 h.p. engines of 1.4 and 1.6 l and DOHC 1.0 and 1.2 engines of l, atm
3.0 ± 0.2
Type of the fuel pump
Electric, submersible, is located in the fuel tank

Adjustable constant pressure of the fuel pump (approximately), atm

Systems of the central injection
Systems of the distributed injection *
3.0 ± 0.2
Idling turns
Are not regulated, controlled by the module of management (ECM)
The maintenance of CO on idling turns
It is not regulated, are controlled by the module of management (ECM)

* The vacuum hose of the regulator of pressure of fuel is disconnected and corked.

Diesel models


Direction of rotation

All models

The injection moment (static), TNVD plunger course mm to VMT

Engine 15 D
0.85 ÷ 0.95
Engine 15 TD
0.63 ÷ 0.73
Engine 17 D
0.60 ÷ 0.70

Points of inclusion of a thermosensitive element:

Efforts of tightening of threaded connections, Nanometer
Reception pipe to a final collector
Collar to a reception pipe
Collar of the catalytic converter to the muffler
Reception pipe to a turbocharger branch pipe

Petrol models
Nuts of fastening of the case of a throttle
Bolts of fastening of the top part of the case of a throttle
Fixture of the preliminary camera

Diesel models
Fixture of the inlet pipeline
Bolts of fastening of the top cover of a gear belt
Nut of fastening of the line of return of fuel
Cap nuts of fastening of fuel-supply lines to nozzles and TNVD
Bolts of fastening of the inlet pipeline