13:38. Removal and installation of an internal mirror and installation of a plate of its fastening

Removal and installation


  1. Remove the mirror basis from a plate for its fastening up.

Do not separate a mirror from its spherical head. If it occurred, remove the basis and put a mirror in the turned situation on a flat surface. Grease a spherical head with lubricant and press by means of wooden whetstone into a spherical thrust bearing of a mirror.

  1. Insert a mirror against the stop into a plate of its fastening.

Installation of a plate of fastening of a mirror


  1. Purify glass around installation by a cleaner for grids, for example, of OPEL 1759201.
  2. Limit the area of installation to an adhesive tape according to an accompanying illustration.

Restriction of the area of installation of a plate of fastening of a mirror
A — 50 mm
B — the Center of glass

  1. Smooth out the pasted plate surface an emery paper of granularity of P100 and clear.
  2. Mix two-component glue, for example, of OPEL 1504803 (90295281) and apply it with a layer about 1 mm thick on a plate.

Condition of gluing is ambient temperature approximately the 20th hail.

  1. Put a plate to glass and record it an adhesive tape.
  2. In 80 min. glue stiffens and on a plate it is possible to establish a mirror.

By heating of the place of pasting by the hair dryer time of hardening of glue can be reduced. Temperature of heating of the place of pasting should not exceed the 80th hail.