13:13. Removal and installation of a cowl

Removal of a cowl will require the assistant.


  1. Open and record it in completely open situation a persistent bar.
  2. Disconnect a hose from the windscreen washer pump. For this purpose take out the pump from the tank.

Hose detachment from the washer pump

  1. Mark the provision of bolts of fastening of a cowl on loops.
  2. Turn out bolts of fastening of a cowl to both loops and remove a cowl.

Bolts of fastening of a cowl

  1. Establish a cowl and tighten fixing bolts according to earlier put tags.
  2. Put on a hose the pump of windscreen washer and insert the pump into the tank.

Installation of a new cowl


  1. Screw a rubber emphasis (1) and paste the damping rubber laying (2). Adjust cowl height concerning wings.

Rubber emphasis (1) and laying (2)

  1. Expose a cowl in the horizontal plane without hook, being guided by gaps concerning a windshield, wings and headlights.
  2. Establish a hook (4) with a spring (3) and rivet it.

Installation of a hook (4) with a spring (3)

  1. Screw a carving support assembled in a cowl and establish on distance x (from a leaf of a cowl to edge of the top washer). Then, holding a support a key, tighten a nut (2).

Assembly of a carving support of a cowl
1 — the Washer
2 — the Nut
3 — the Washer
4 — Pruzhina
5 — the Washer
6 — the Carving support
x \40404040 ÷4545 of mm

  1. Fix a windscreen washer hose in the holder. The hose should not be pressed at the closed cowl.