13:24. Protection against freezing of locks and consolidations


  1. Grease the lock cylinder. Special OPEL-ET-№ 90018813 lubricant, a tube 8 cm long and the syringe (OPEL-ET-№ 90020227), and also the syringe (5 ml) are applied to this purpose. Besides, glycerin or vaseline is necessary.

When filling with lubricant the cylinder of the lock has to be dry. If necessary dry it compressed air.

  1. Put on a tube the end of the syringe. For this purpose heat a tube on the one hand the hair dryer or hot water and expand the warmed end with a suitable subject.
  2. Squeeze other end of a tube (length about 35 mm) in a vice a little.
  3. Fill the syringe with special lubricant and enter it approximately on 35 mm into the lock cylinder.
  4. Fill the lock cylinder with lubricant to an exit it from a boot.
  5. After lubricant several times enter and take out a key and close the lock. Then wipe a key with rags.
  6. Grease dry a sealant of glasses, and all doors with glycerin or vaseline.