13:30. Removal, installation, dismantling and assembly of the external handle and cylinder of the lock of a door of a back (Corsa model)



  1. Turn out holders of a lifting cord of a cover of the luggage compartment from internal facing.
  2. Remove an internal upholstery from clamps.
  3. Disconnect a lock drive bar from the lock cylinder. For this purpose turn a plastic clip and remove it from a bar.
  4. Turn out bolts of fastening and remove the external handle.

Bolts of fastening of the external handle

  1. Disconnect a bar of the drive of the uniform lock from э / the motor.
  2. In the presence of the anticreeping alarm system remove the microswitch, previously having removed a spring bracket.

Removal of the switch of anticreeping system

Dismantling and assembly


  1. Insert a key into the lock cylinder.
  2. Beat out a pin a drift with a diameter of 2 mm (address A fragment).

Order of removal of the cylinder of the lock

  1. Press two lock pads of a clamp (1) of the cylinder of the lock and remove a clamp from the cylinder (address B fragment).
  2. Remove the lock cylinder (address a fragment of C).
  3. Insert the cylinder (3) into the case, then install the cylinder with the case (1) and a spring (5) in a cast element (6). Install a lead (7) with a pin (4) on the cylinder. Install a clamp (2) on the cylinder.

Assembly of the cylinder of the lock



  1. Fix a cast element.
  2. In the presence of the anticreeping alarm system: Install the microswitch and fix it a spring bracket.
  3. Attach draft, you watch Removal.
  4. Fix an internal upholstery of a door.