13.4. Care of an upholstery and carpets of salon

Each three months remove rugs and mats and you make cleaning of internal panels of an upholstery of salon. In case of need this procedure can be made more often. For cleaning of garbage, and also for cleaning of rugs and mats it is possible to use a rigid brush or the broom. Further all surfaces should be vacuumed carefully, especially along seams, joints and folds of material.

The eaten dirt can be removed from carpets by means of household or special automobile shampoos which for convenience are produced in the form of aerosols - follow instructions of manufacturers. In conclusion vacuum the processed site and "tousle" pile a rigid brush.

Do not leave in salon for drying of the cleaned upholstery any electric heating devices!

The leather upholstery demands special leaving. Removal of spots has to be made by means of very weak soap solution of warm water. Solution is applied with soft rags, then the surface is wiped dry. Do not use alcohols, gasoline and other different solvents for rubbing of a leather upholstery at all.

Try not to allow long hit on a leather upholstery of direct sunshine. Try to park the car in a shadow, use sun-protection curtains, etc.