13:20. Removal and installation of a window regulator

Installation of the manual and power window is identical. The power window has electronic control, i.e. by short-term pressing the switch (less than 0.4 c) glass can intervalno move. Is as a result longer pressing of the switch (longer 0.4 c) glass automatically moves before full opening or closing. If glass above the middle of a window encounters any obstacle, then at once stops and opens a little. Э / motors of window regulators are equipped with the overload switch in case glass will jam, for example, owing to its frosting.



  1. Remove facing of a door.
  2. Remove a protective film. You watch that the film at the same time did not tear. Stick the torn film or replace.
  3. Establish glass at the level of the top assembly opening and record it two plastic wedges.
  4. Separate the socket at doors.
  5. On the Corsa and Combo models turn out bolts of fastening of a guide (4), previously having marked their situation. Take out rams of the elevator (3) from a guide of glass (2).

Guide (2), bolts of its fastening (4) and elevator (3)

  1. On the Tigra model turn out rivets of fastening of a guide of a window regulator, previously having marked their situation. Take out elevator rams from a glass guide.
  2. Drill rivets (1) (address an illustration) - window regulators with the manual drive of fastening of glass a drill with a diameter of 8.5 mm are shown and beat out them a drift back.

At the same time do not damage an external leaf of a door.

  1. Take out a window regulator from a door.



  1. Before installation of a new window regulator check its work. For this purpose install the handle of the drive or connect э / the motor and include a window regulator.
  2. Grease window regulator rams with jellied lubricant and insert into a guide.
  3. Priklepayte the elevator to a door steel rivets of 4.8 x 11 mm in size.
  4. It is alternatively possible to fix a window regulator by bolts and nuts. Grease nuts with the fixing sealant.
  5. Connect an electrical wiring.
  6. Remove plastic wedges.
  7. Adjust electronics of management of a window regulator. For this purpose close all doors and include ignition. Close windows by means of the switch. Hold switches in the provision of closing of a window pressed at least 2 pages.
  8. Check operation of the manual drive of a window regulator. Glass has to rise and fall easily.
  9. Paste a protective film and establish facing of a door.