13:21. Removal and installation of the external handle of a door



  1. Remove facing of a door.
  2. Remove a protective film. You watch that the film at the same time did not tear. Stick the torn film or replace.
  3. Turn out bolts of fastening of a back guide of glass and disconnect a rubber sealant.

Screws of fastening of a guide of glass
A — Combo
B — Corsa

  1. Take out a guide down.
  2. Give two nuts (shooters).

Nuts of fastening of the handle (arrow), bar of the lock (2) and bracket (1)

  1. Disconnect a bar (2) from the door lock.
  2. Disconnect the second bar (the lock cylinder drive). For this purpose turn a plastic clip and disconnect it from a bar. Take out a bar from a clip opening.
  3. Press two brackets (1) by means of the screw-driver and remove the door handle.
  4. Remove a lock bracket of the switch of the anticreeping alarm system (at the corresponding complete set) and the switch.

Switch of the anticreeping alarm system



  1. Insert the handle into a door. To installation time of the handle in the situation send a bar (3) of the external handle to an intermediate plastic element.

Bracket (1), bar of the cylinder of the lock (2) and bar of the handle of a door (1)

  1. Fix the handle by two nuts.
  2. Connect a bar (2) cylinders of the lock and record a bracket (1) on draft.
  3. Insert the switch of the anti-theft device (at the corresponding complete set) with a bracket.
  4. Check operation of the handle and uniform lock.
  5. Paste a protective film.

If necessary apply a bilateral film.

  1. Establish into place facing of a door.