13:18. Removal and installation of glass of a forward door



  1. Remove facing of a door with a sealing film. You watch to tearing a film, otherwise it will be required to be replaced.
  2. Completely close a window. Mark position of screws of fastening of a guide of glass.

Corsa and Combo models


  1. Turn out screws of fastening directing to glasses (shooters) and remove a rubber sealant Remove a guide down.

Screws of fastening of a guide of glass
A — Combo
B — Corsa

  1. Lower glass down, as shown in an accompanying illustration.

Directing to glasses (1), rams of a window regulator (2) and bolts of fastening of its guide (3)

  1. Turn out bolts of fastening of a guide (3) window regulators. On models from 09.1993 g of release turn out screws of fastening of a guide and take out it with a rubber sealant.
  2. Take out rams of a window regulator (2) from a guide of glass (1).

Tigra model


  1. On the Tigra model turn out fixture of forward and back guides of glass. Pull out window regulator rams from a forward guide.

Fixture of guides of glass

All models


  1. Incline a window forward and pull out upward from a door.



  1. Insert a windowpane from above into the mine of a window.
  2. Insert rams of a nozhnitseobrazny window regulator into a guide.
  3. Attach a guide on the established tags. If necessary, before tightening of a bolt adjust the provision of a window. For this purpose use bolts and pull a window up and down. The window itself will rise into place, after that screw up bolts.
  4. Insert a back guide and screw up. Press on sealing rubber.
  5. Establish facing of a door.
  6. Install the power window. For this purpose close all doors and include ignition. Close windows the button. Hold the button pressed in the provision of the closed window not less than 2 sec.