13:27. Removal, installation and adjustment of a door



  1. Remove facing of a door.
  2. Separate electrical wiring sockets э / motors of the drive of a window regulator, adjustment of an external mirror and the central lock (at the corresponding complete set).
  3. Beat out the hammer and a drift a door stopper pin up.
  4. Remove rubber caps from axes of both loops of a door. Ask the assistant to take a door and beat out axes of loops towards a cap. For simplification of removal of axes of loops there is a special tool, for example, of HAZET, No. 1970.



  1. Establish a door and hammer axes of loops and insert from above a door stopper pin.
  2. If necessary adjust the provision of a door.
  3. Put on caps axes of loops.
  4. Put into place the lock.
  5. Connect door electrical wiring sockets.


The door needs to be regulated after removal or if it is badly closed.


  1. Remove the door lock.
  2. Adjustment is carried out by change of provision of loops.
  3. For adjustment of a gap establish loops so that the gap of a door of rather adjacent elements was identical width on all length.
  4. Adjust a door on a body contour: If in the closed state a door in front not aflush with adjacent elements of a body, displace loops respectively outside or inside. On the five-door car the back door can be established more deeply than a forward door no more than on 1 mm.
  5. Put the door lock.
  6. Weaken fastening of a clamp so that it could be displaced easy blows by the plastic hammer.

Clamp fixture

  1. Adjust a clamp. For this purpose close a door and adjust its situation, then carefully open a door and tighten screws of fastening of a clamp.
  2. Eliminate the damages of a paint and varnish covering which arose owing to movement of loops.