13:22. Removal and installation of the cylinder of the lock of a forward door



  1. Remove the door handle.

For removal of the cylinder of the lock insert a key into the lock.

  1. Remove a lock ring (5).

Components of assembly of the cylinder of the lock of a forward door
1 — the lock Cylinder
2 — the Coupling spring
3 — the Basic element
4 — the Holder
5 — the Lock ring

  1. Remove an element (3). You watch that the coupling spring did not come off (2).
  2. Remove a spiral spring (2).
  3. Take out the cylinder (1) from the holder (4).

Take out the cylinder together with the inserted key. Before taking out a key from the cylinder of the lock wind the cylinder with an adhesive tape that lock plates did not drop out.



  1. Insert into a cover the lock cylinder together with a key.
  2. Put on a spiral spring with a cast element and record a lock ring.

Fixing of a spring

The ends of a spring have to stand on a cast element one on another (with a tightness).

  1. Install the door handle.