13:28. Removal and installation of a door of a back (Corsa and Tigra model)


For simplification of the subsequent installation of an electrical wiring and hoses before removal tie cords to their ends. The cord remains in the removed back door.


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Remove a windscreen washer hose.
  3. On the Corsa model separate sockets of an electrical wiring of a cleaner of back glass, the anticreeping alarm system, э / the motor of the uniform lock, heating of glass and extend an electrical wiring.
  4. On the Tigra model disconnect seat belts (1) at the left and to the right of B rack, remove a sealant (2) in the field of side facing from a body, turn out screws of fastening of facing (3) at the left and on the right and remove it. Turn out two screws of fastening of a cover of a guide of an electrical wiring.

Fixture of a seat belt (1), sealant (2) and facing (3) Tigra models

  1. Establish a support under a back door.
  2. Remove a gas-filled emphasis from a spherical support on back doors. For this purpose remove the screw-driver a lock bracket (1) about a support.

Elements of fastening of a door of a back of the Corsa model
1 — the Gas-filled emphasis of a door
2 — a door Loop

  1. On the Corsa model remove a lock bracket and an axis of a loop (2) doors of a back. By means of the assistant remove a back door.
  2. On the Tigra model of a loop are fixed from within. Remove a sealant in the field of loops from a back edge of a roof. Wring out a little down facing of a roof from the back party and separate the back door electrical wiring socket. Turn out bolts of fastening of loops and remove a door by means of the assistant.

Fixture Tigra model back door loop



  1. Installation is made upside-down. Fix a door of a back and adjust its situation. The gap in relation to adjacent elements of a body has to make 6 mm. The top edge of a door has to lie at identical height with the top edge of a roof or below it no more than on 1 mm.
  2. At installation of a new door of a back rearrange on it details from an old door.

On the Corsa model it is necessary to drill openings for a windscreen washer nozzle. On cars without back spoiler of GSi cut the welded fingers for fastening of a beam of a spoiler at the top of a door. In the presence of a spoiler of GSi drill additional openings for fastening of a spoiler.

  1. On the Tigra model track correctness of installation of elements of fastening of seat belts Tighten a fastening bolt with effort of 35 Nanometers.

Knot of fastening of a seat belt