13:19. Removal and installation of glass of a back door (Corsa model)



  1. Remove internal facing of a door with a foil.
  2. Remove an overlay of a back window.

Removal of an overlay of glass of a back door

  1. Completely open a window.
  2. Pull out sealing rubber from a window guide.
  3. Turn out bolts of fastening of a back guide and extend it upward from the mine of a window.

Bolts of fastening of a back guide

  1. Incline a door window forward and pull out from a guide from the ram of a hummock window regulator (address A fragment).

Glass removal

  1. Incline glass forward and take out it from a door (address B fragment). On a fragment of the C illustration the provision of a back sealant is shown.



  1. Having inclined a window forward, establish its door.
  2. Insert a guide into the window regulator ram.
  3. Establish a guide of glass and fix it by bolts. Press a rubber sealant to a guide.
  4. Open and close a window. Glass has to move freely and evenly in guides.
  5. Paste a film. Stick the torn film or replace that in salon there was no draft.
  6. Establish facing of a door.