14:13. Replacement of glow lamps in headlights, parking fires and forward indexes of turn of the Tigra model

Before replacement of a lamp switch off ignition and the corresponding light device.


  1. Disconnect sideways an overlay of a bumper and remove a headlight (see the Section Removal and installation of a headlight).
  2. Separate three sockets (near and far light, and also the index of turn and adjustment of range of light).

Glow lamp socket

Index of turn


  1. Press a cartridge of the index of turn in the direction of a reflector, release it turn to the left and take out from a reflector.
  2. Take out an old lamp from the boss.
  3. Insert a new lamp into a cartridge.
  4. Insert a cartridge into a reflector and record it turn to the right.
  5. Connect the socket.

Lamps of headlights (driving, passing and parking beam)


  1. Cast away both clips aside and uncover a headlight.

Release of a cover of a headlight

  1. For replacement of a lamp of driving or passing beam separate the socket from a lamp, remove a spring clip of the holder of a lamp from the fixing pads and cast away a clip.

Spring clip of the holder of a lamp

  1. Take out the glow lamp. Insert a new lamp so that the boss of a lamp entered reflector grooves. At the same time take a lamp only for a cartridge, but not for a flask. Remove the traces of hands which remained on a lamp by means of the pure rags moistened in alcohol.
  2. Record a spring clip. Connect the lamp socket.
  3. For replacement of a lamp of parking light release a cartridge turn to the left and take out it from a reflector. Take out a lamp from the boss and replace it. Fix a cartridge in a reflector by turn to the right.

Installation of a lamp of parking light

  1. Put on a cover a headlight and fix it by clips.
  2. Connect two sockets, at the same time lock pads of a headlight have to be recorded.
  3. Establish a headlight and adjust it (see the Section Adjustment of Headlights).