14:16. Adjustment of headlights

The correct adjustment of headlights is of great importance for traffic safety. Exact adjustment of headlights is possible only with use of the special device. Doly only the arrangement of elements of adjustment of headlights of a condition of performance of the correct adjustment is described.


  1. Check pressure of a rating of tires and if necessary modify it.
  2. Load the car weighing 70 kg (one person) in the center of a back seat.
  3. Fill the fuel tank.
  4. Install the car on the flat platform.
  5. Press several times a car front that the forward suspension bracket reached the working position.
  6. Install the regulator of range of light of headlights on dashboards in situation "0".
  7. Headlights are regulated at the turned-on passing beam. The inclination of a beam of light for usual headlights makes 1.2%, i.e. 12 cm by 10 m of length. The border of light and shade to the left of a point of the adjustment noted by a cross has to pass horizontally across the line of adjustment.

Correct position of border of light and shade

  1. At side adjustment the border of light and shade has to pass horizontally to a cross and go at an angle the 15th hail. to the right up.
  2. Access to adjusting screws is provided from a motive compartment. Turn as appropriate a hand or the crosswise screw-driver adjusting screws (A) and/or (In).

Adjusting screws
A — Adjustment on height
B — Adjustment across

  1. The deviation of a beam of light of a fog light has to make 20 cm by 10 m of length. Adjustment is carried out by turn of the adjusting screw.

Screw of adjustment of a fog light