14:28. Installation of the radio receiver


  1. Before installation check operation of the radio receiver.
  2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  3. Remove a cap of the mine of the radio receiver.
  4. Attach the radio receiver.

The Opel company delivers a special set of wires for installation of the radio receiver which contains weight wires, a positive wire and conducting of loudspeakers with sockets. If the special set of an electrical wiring is not applied, watch that uninsulated wires were not near. Short circuit can lead to ignition of a cable.

  1. Attach an adaptor cable or sockets of the radio receiver to the radio reception socket.
  2. Fix a weight wire on the holder of a steering column.

Fastening of a wire of weight

  1. In the absence of a set of wires of the radio receiver remove the block of safety locks under the left part of the dashboard, connect a wire of current of long loading (plug 30) to an exit of a safety lock No. 1, a current wire at the switched-off ignition (plug 15) - to an exit of a safety lock No. 17, a radio receiver illumination wire (plug 58) - to an exit of a safety lock No. 23 Fix a weight wire from the holder of a steering column on the radio receiver.

Screws of a contact element

  1. Lay a wire from the radio receiver to the antenna or its amplifier and connect it.
  2. Establish a frame of the holder of the radio receiver.

Fastening of a frame of the holder of the radio receiver

  1. Push the radio receiver in the holder.
  2. Connect a negative wire to the battery.

Attach a negative wire of a tolkopra the switched-off ignition not to damage ECM.

  1. Establish hours.
  2. Enter a radio receiver code.
  3. Provide noise immunity of the radio receiver according to the instruction for its installation.