14:34. Removal and installation of the tank and pump of windscreen washer

Forward and back windscreen washers are supplied with water from the general tank which is in a motive compartment. Depending on the direction of rotation of the pump water arrives either to wind or to back glass.


  1. Check the pump. For this purpose separate its socket, include ignition and a washer of wind and back glasses and check presence of tension on the pump socket. If in both cases tension is available, and the pump did not work, replace the pump.
  2. Remove a windshield fairing (see the Head Kuzov).

On cars with washers of lenses of headlights the tank is not under a windshield fairing therefore the fairing does not need to be removed.

  1. Give a fastening nut at the tank.
  2. Separate the socket and disconnect water hoses of the pump.

Socket of an electrical wiring and hoses of the pump of windscreen washer

Be ready to a water effluence.

  1. Remove the pump sideways.

Removal of the pump

  1. Install all being removed components.
  2. Check operation of the pump in the mode of washing of wind and back glasses. If management is mixed, trade places pump hoses.