14.7. Removal and installation of the switch and electric motor of adjustment of range of light (Corsa and Combo model)


  1. Carefully by means of two small screw-drivers hook the switch from above and from below and take out it.

Removal of the switch

  1. Insert the switch into a dashboard opening.
  2. Remove headlights (see the Sections Replacement of Glow Lamps in headlights and Replacement of glow lamps in headlights, parking fires and forward indexes of turn of the Tigra model).
  3. Turn adjusting э / the motor to the left, holding at the same time a reflector. Take out э / the motor with a spherical finger from a spherical thrust bearing.

Removal э / motor

  1. Press a spherical finger э / the motor into a thrust bearing.
  2. Turn э / the motor of adjustment of range on the 60th hail. to the right and thus record it.
  3. Establish and adjust headlights.