прохождение медкомиссии на оружие

14:20. Removal and installation of measuring devices and indexes


  1. Remove a combination of devices.
  2. Take out a pin of the counter of a day run.

Pin of the counter of a day run

  1. Raise levels (arrow) and uncover.

Index of a reserve of fuel and index of temperature


  1. Give two nuts of fastening (on models from 02.1994 g of the issue - 4 nuts).

Nuts of fastening of the index of a reserve of fuel



  1. Carefully remove the printed circuit board.

Detachment of the printed circuit board

  1. Turn out 4 screws of fastening and remove a speedometer At alternative execution from 02.1994 g of the issue separate the speedometer socket by means of flat-nose pliers, and also turn out 2 T20 Torx screws.

Screws of fastening of a speedometer



  1. Turn out in front three screws of fastening of a tachometer Torx T20.

Voltage stabilizer

The voltage stabilizer carries out a task of maintenance of onboard tension at the level of 12 Century. At damage of the stabilizer are among other things displayed incorrect value of a reserve of fuel.


  1. Turn out screws of fastening and remove the stabilizer from a reverse side of a combination of devices, disconnect it from contacts.

Screws of fastening of the voltage stabilizer

  1. Installation is made upside-down.