14:11. Replacement of glow lamps in headlights


  1. Open a cowl and record it a persistent bar.
  2. For ensuring access to a right headlight remove an air inlet branch pipe (see the Head of the Power supply system, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases).
  3. Switch off a headlight, separate the socket from a reverse side of a headlight. Remove a rubber cover.

Separation of the socket of a headlight and removal of a rubber cover

  1. Disconnect a spring bracket of the holder of a lamp from lock levels and cast away it.

Removal of a bracket of the holder of a lamp

  1. Take out the glow lamp.
  2. Insert a new lamp so that pads of the boss of a lamp entered reflector grooves. At the same time take a lamp only for a cartridge, but not for a flask. Remove the traces of hands which remained on a lamp with the pure scarf moistened in alcohol.
  3. Press a lamp a bracket.
  4. Establish a headlight cover.
  5. Connect the lamp socket.
  6. About a right headlight insert an air duct into the air filter and record its sleeve on a forward cross-piece of a body, having turned a clip on the 90th hail.
  7. Check adjustment of headlights.