3.8. Removal of a sediment from the fuel filter of the diesel engine

Release on 08.1997 - every year, release with 09.1998 - each 2 years.

Before implementation of any procedures of service of the fuel filter carefully wipe a surface around the place of its landing for the purpose of prevention of risk of hit of dirt to the highway of a power supply system. For collecting the spilled fuel enclose rags under the filter, or establish suitable drain capacity.

Do not allow hit of diesel fuel on the surfaces of the generator, a starter, hoses of the cooling system, a support of the engine and plaits of an electrical wiring!

The fuel filter is installed in a forward left corner of a motive compartment, near the GUR tank.


  1. Release a drain hose from the holder and direct it down.

The gate of descent of fuel from the fuel filter (the lower arrow), - for the purpose of simplification of an effluence of fuel it is possible to weaken the cover screw (the top arrow)

  1. Substitute under a hose capacity for collecting water.
  2. Weaken the gate below on the filter and allow fuel to flow down in the prepared capacity. Do not close the gate until pure fuel does not begin to follow from a hose, - it is usually enough to merge about 100 ml.

For the purpose of providing more free effluence of fuel weaken the pumping screw screwed in the top part of a cover of the filter.

  1. Accurately tighten the gate, remove from it a hose and remove drain capacity. Collect by pure rags traces of the spilled fuel. In case of need accurately tighten the top screw of a cover.
  2. In conclusion carefully collect the remains of the spilled fuel and check all weakened components for existence of signs of development of leaks.
  3. Start the engine and pump over fuel system (see the Head of the Power supply system, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases).