3.19. Check and service

Though independent service To/in is not recommended, it is possible to take some preventive measures for extension of its working capacity.

Include once a month To/in to be convinced of lubricant of internal components and integrity of consolidations.

You watch the cooling system and composition of cooling liquid to avoid freezing of a radiator during the work К/В.

You keep clean and integrity the K/V condenser to avoid violation of heat exchange and decrease in efficiency К/В.

For collecting and discharge of condensate at the bottom of the evaporator the drainage tube is provided. Do not allow its contamination to avoid violation of work To/in and pourings of condensate on a floor of salon.


For check To/in perform the following procedures.

  1. Regularly examine К/В system components. Be convinced of lack of leak of coolant, damages of the coupling of the compressor, serviceability of the drive of the compressor, purity of a drainage tube of the evaporator and honeycombs of the condenser, integrity of conducting and its isolation, sockets and safety locks.
  2. The leakage of coolant is shown in the form of deposits in the place of leak which acquire oily dirt over time.
  3. Make sure that the motor of the fan works in all modes. Check an air stream via deflectors.

Remember that at high humidity efficiency even completely serviceable To/in falls since the thermal capacity of damp air is much less, than dry.