12.4.4. Removal of air of a hydraulic path of GUR

Air should be deleted from a hydraulic path of GUR after opening of a path.

The pump GUR should not work dry.


  1. At the stopped engine uncover the tank.
  2. Fill the tank to the lower mark (2) The Specified Mark there corresponds to liquid 20 temperature the hail.

Marks in the GUR liquid level probe

  1. Start the engine and let's it work on single turns. Turn a steering wheel two times on a corner the 45th hail in both parties and then two times from an emphasis against the stop.
  2. Check the level of liquid and if necessary add liquid to the lower mark in the probe in a tank cover. At the heated-up engine the level of liquid can reach the top mark in the probe.
  3. If necessary modify GUR liquid level, adding the fresh liquid specified in Specifications, small portions.
  4. Close a tank cover.