партнёрские программы для блоггеров

12.4.1. Removal and installation of steering draft



  1. Remove a tip of steering draft.
  2. Disconnect both collars and remove a casing from steering draft.

Steering draft

  1. Turn out steering draft from the steering mechanism, holding a gear lath a wrench.

Reversing of steering draft



  1. Screw new steering draft on a gear lath and tighten it with effort of 60 Nanometers, holding a gear lath from a provorachivaniye a wrench.
  2. If lubricant from the steering mechanism was removed, fill new OPEL 90 018 813 or 19 48 588 lubricant.
  3. Put on the protection cover and fix it by new collars. The casing should not be deformed. The collars established at the plant are recommended to be replaced with screw.
  4. Establish a tip of steering draft (you look the Section Removal and installation of a tip of steering draft).