10.2.4. Check of a condition of components of coupling

Remember that the dust produced in the course of wear of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate may contain noxious to health asbestos. Do not blow off dust compressed air and try not to inhale it. Do not apply to rubbing of components of coupling solvents on an oil basis, - use only special brake cleaners or pure methyl alcohol. Put the used rags in hermetically closed container.


  1. Most often violation of serviceability of functioning of coupling is connected with wear of frictional overlays of the conducted disk. Nevertheless, it is necessary to study attentively a condition of all other components of assembly.
  2. Study a working surface of a flywheel on existence of cracks, traces of an overheat, furrows and other damages. Insignificant defects can be eliminated by a pro-point in the conditions of a workshop of car service (the pro-point is recommended to be made regardless of a condition of a surface). The description of procedures of removal and installation of a flywheel is provided the Section Removal, check of a state and installation of a flywheel / a driving disk. Also check a state and estimate planeness of the interfaced surface of a press clutch plate.

Measurement of planeness of the interfaced surface of a press clutch plate

  1. Estimate degree of wear of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate. The surface of slips has to tower over heads of rivets at least on 1.6 mm. Make sure of density of landing of all rivets, check the torsion springs / dampers for existence of cracks, traces of deformation and other mechanical damages Oiling of frictional slips most often is the result of failure of an epiploon of a bent shaft, violation of integrity of laying of the pallet of a case, a sealing element of assembly of the executive cylinder or an epiploon of main shaft RKPP, - replace the damaged components. As it was already mentioned above, replacement of components of coupling it is reasonable to make every time at assembly dismantle therefore pay attention to the slightest errors.

Assembly of the conducted disk
1 — Frictional slips - in a picture are worn-out below an admissible limit
2 — the Torsion springs or dampers - have to be checked for existence of cracks and signs of deformation
3 — the nave Equipped with vents - has to slide freely on vents of a main shaft of the transmission, vents should not be excessively worn-out
4 — Rivets - are used for fastening of frictional slips and at excessive wear of the last begin to leave furrows on a working surface of a flywheel

  1. Together with the conducted disk it is always replaced as well the release bearing. If the conducted disk as it should be, check a condition of the release bearing, - the bearing has to rotate smoothly, without jamming signs. The interfaced surfaces have to be absolutely smooth and not damaged, without cracks, zadir and hollows. In the absence of confidence in definition of a condition of the bearing make replacement of assembly of the executive cylinder (see the Section Removal, check and installation of the bearing of switching off of coupling).
  2. Estimate a condition of the processed surfaces and petals of a diaphragm spring of a press disk in case of detection of defects replace assembly of a basket. Traces of easy polishing can be removed by means of a fine-grained emery paper. Through company car repair shops of the Opel company it is always possible to get the restored coupling assembly on an exchange basis.

Examples of wear of a diaphragm spring

Normal wear of petals.
Excessive wear of petals.
Petals are broken off or bent.