5.3.6. Check of a condition of the water pump

Formation of drops at an air vent of the water pump or traces of evaporation of cooling liquid in a motive compartment are the normal phenomenon if at the same time there is no noticeable loss of liquid in a broad tank.

Failure of the water pump is capable to cause the most serious consequences, up to full jamming of the engine as a result of an overheat. The defective pump is subject to replacement.


  1. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature and, without suppressing it, squeeze a hand the top hose of a radiator, - if at a hose otpuskaniye in it the liquid push is distinctly felt, therefore, the water pump functions regularly.

Try not to touch with hands a krylchatka of the fan!

  1. The water pump is usually equipped with a control/air vent. In case of failure of an epiploon from an opening cooling liquid begins to exude. Prepare a pocket small lamp and a small pocket mirror, - the opening is located from below on a pump housing, directly under an assembly axis. Existence around an opening of deposits of brownish color testifies to malfunction of an epiploon, - easy decolouration of a surface (a ring of light gray color) should not cause concerns.

At failure of bearings of a shaft of the pump in operating time of the engine in its forward part there can be a howling sound which should not be confused to the whistle published by a driving belt when easing effort of its tension. Wear of the bearing can be revealed on existence of a side play when rocking a nave/shaft of the pump (do not forget to switch off before the engine and to throw off a belt from a pulley).

Even in the absence of external signs of wear the final conclusion about a condition of the water pump can be made only after its removal and more detailed studying.