6.3.5. Heating element of the fuel filter

General information

Owing to fall of temperature of the environment the fluidity of diesel fuel also decreases because of formation of paraffin in it. For this reason in the winter the special additives increasing the fluidity of fuel and providing start of the engine at a temperature up to-15 a hail are entered into diesel fuel. or to –22 hail. (superdiesel fuel).

However the specified additives not always appear enough. For this reason diesel engines of the Corsa models are equipped with heating elements of the fuel filter. Heating joins at a temperature below the 6th hail. after start of the engine and at a temperature the 16th hail is higher. it is again disconnected.

Owing to the increased consumption by heating elements of power during start of the engine it is necessary to switch off all consumers unnecessary at present.

On the cars which are not equipped with heating elements of the fuel filter when filling add up to 30% of kerosene to diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline or special additives for improvement of fluidity.

Instructions at addition of impurity:

Do not use a blowtorch or similar means for these purposes at all.



  1. Remove the fuel filter.
  2. Disconnect a heater from assembly of the filter.
  3. Grease a sealing ring of a heater of the filter with diesel fuel.

Greasing of a sealing ring of a heater

  1. Fix a heater on assembly of the filter.
  2. Install the fuel filter and assembly of the filter.