6.2. System of injection of fuel of petrol engines

General information and precautionary measures

General information

Petrol engines are equipped with electronic system of injection. DOHC 1.0 and 1.2 engines of l have system of injection Bosch-Motronic, other engines are equipped with systems of ignition and injection of MulTec of Opel. The MulTec technology is based on uniform management of ignition and injection by means of the general control unit.

Various options systems of injection MulTec are installed. For the 45 and 60 h.p. engines of 1.2 and 1.4 l respectively the MulTec system is executed as system of the central injection with one injector on all cylinders. Distribution of mix on cylinders happens, as at the ordinary carburetor engine, via the inlet pipeline.

On the 82 h.p. engine of 1.4 l the MulTec-m system is applied. Here "M" means the distributed injection (MPI). Fuel is injected through 4 injectors into the inlet pipeline just before inlet valves. On the 90 h.p. engines of 1.4 and 1.6 l the amount of injectable fuel for each cylinder pays off separately (consecutive injection, SFI) therefore the system of injection is designated as MulTec-S.

All systems of injection have high reliability and do not demand special service.

Security measures at work with a control system of the engine

Remember that fuel in a path of a power supply system at the working engine and the included ignition is under pressure. Residual excessive pressure continues to keep in system during even some time after switching off of ignition and before a detachment components/undocking of nipple sockets has to be dumped!

Do not touch VV to an electrical wiring of system of ignition at the working engine/starter and you do not make its detachment.

Persons with the implanted warm stimulator should not be allowed to service of elements of system of ignition at all!

Connection and shutdown of measuring devices also has to be made at the switched-off ignition.

The detachment of fuel-supply lines has to be made at the switched-off ignition.

When checking compression pressure in cylinders of a power supply system and ignition have to be disconnected (see appropriate section of the Head Dvigateli).

See also list of security measures provided in the Section Power Supply System of the Present Chapter.

Remarks on checks of a control system of the engine

By search of causes of failures, first of all, it is necessary to bring diagnostic codes out of the processor memory, and also to check tightness of connection of vacuum lines.

Reliable functioning of all electric elements of system requires presence of tension not lower than 11.5 Century.

If after completion of search and elimination of causes of failures the engine after start becomes deaf at once, blocking of anticreeping system can serve as the reason of such phenomenon, - interview the processor memory, in case of need make control of the corresponding knot of management.