9.4. Removal and installation of assembly of the lever of the AT selector



  1. Remove the central console (see the Head Kuzov), then transfer the selector lever to situation "P".
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring from switches of the modes and release a cartridge of a lamp from the display panel.
  3. Having accurately hooked the screw-driver, separate a cable tip from the lever hinge. Shift a clamp and release a cable from a basic arm in front of the lever.
  4. Turn out four fixing screws and remove lever assembly.
  5. Check knot for existence of signs of wear and damages. Give a nut, remove a washer and take axis knot. Release clamps of fastening of the display panel, separate lever knot with a basic arm. Fuller dismantling of knot is not represented possible.



  1. In case of need establish a basic arm on lever assembly. Insert an axis. Establish a washer and tighten a fixing nut with the required effort. Strengthen the display panel on a basic arm. Before installation of the lever check serviceability of functioning of assembly for the car.
  2. Establish lever knot on the regular place, connect a selector cable. Screw fixing bolts and tighten them with the required effort.
  3. Fix a selector cable by a clamp and connect a cable tip to the lever hinge.
  4. Having tracked correctness of laying of a plait, lay an electrical wiring, install a cartridge of Pampas on the display panel and restore initial connection of an electrical wiring.
  5. Adjust the valley of a cable (see the Section Adjustment of the Mechanism of the Choice of Transfers), then install into place the central console (see the Head Kuzov).