9.3. Removal and installation of a cable of the choice of transfers



  1. Remove the central console (see the Head Kuzov). Transfer the selector lever to situation "P".
  2. The screw-driver with a flat sting release a clamp and accurately release a cable tip from a basic arm, then disconnect a cable from a fixing plate in a forward part of the executive lever.

Release a clamp (1) and remove a tip of a cable (2) from the executive lever (3)

  1. Remove the rechargeable battery with the adjusting pallet (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).
  2. At the corresponding complete set release a clamp and accurately separate a cable tip from the AT selector lever. Release a cable cover from a basic arm.
  3. Walk on all length of a cable from transmission and release it from all provided intermediate clamps, do not take the rubber plug through passage from a partition of a motive compartment.
  4. Check a condition of a cable, - the cable has to move freely in a cover.

The cable removed from the car can look and function quite regularly, however to begin to jam when bending. In case of need replace a cable.



  1. Get a cable on the regular place, having passed it throughout the plug through passage in a partition of a motive compartment. Fix a cable in a lever plate.

For simplification of dragging of a cable through the plug through passage previously grease it with soap solution.

  1. Pass the end of a cable which is moved to transmission throughout a basic arm and fix a cover by a clamp. Connect a cable tip to the lever and (at the corresponding complete set) fix it by a clamp.
  2. Fix a cable cover in interior of the car by a clamp and connect a tip to the selector lever hinge.
  3. Adjust the valley of a cable (see the Section Adjustment of the Mechanism of the Choice of Transfers).
  4. Install the central console and the other being removed components.