8.3. Removal and RKPP installation


It is necessary to remove RKPP in that case when it is replaced or under repair, at the same time the engine can be not removed. It is not recommended to make repairs of RKPP in house conditions. Further only removal is described and installation of the power unit for this purpose will be required the special tool.


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. By means of the screw-driver remove a lock bracket from a carving part of a cable of the drive of coupling.

Lock bracket and socket э / conductings of D/V of lamps of a backing

  1. Wring out mount the lever of switching off of coupling back and remove a coupling cable.
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring of D/V of lamps of a backing (address an illustration).
  3. Disconnect a shaft of a tachometer (1). For this purpose turn out the lock screw from RKPP. Depending on execution the frequency sensor of a run can be installed. In this case it is necessary to separate the socket (2).

Shaft of a tachometer (1) and socket of the frequency sensor of a run (2)

  1. Mark the provision of the left forward wheel in relation to its nave that the balanced wheel could be established in its former situation. Turn out bolts of fastening of wheels at the car standing on the earth. To Poddomkratta a car front, establish it on props and remove forward wheels.
  2. Turn out a bolt of fastening of a collar of a rod of gear shifting and remove a rod.

Bolt of fastening of a collar of a rod of gear shifting

  1. Slightly raise the engine (see the Part of the Procedure of repair of petrol DOHC engines without their extraction from the car).
  2. Remove the stability stabilizer with the suspension bracket lever, a spherical support and draft, (see the Head Podvesk and steering).
  3. Disconnect power shafts from RKPP and tie up them a wire so that they did not disturb (see the Head Podvesk and steering).

At installation replace sealing rings of power shafts.

  1. Remove the left forward support of the engine.

Left forward support of the engine

  1. Turn out bolts of fastening and remove the RKPP back left support.
  2. Disconnect a weight cable from a bearing cover.
  3. Lower a few car.
  4. Bring a jack under RKPP.
  5. Turn out bolts of fastening (1) and uncover a flywheel. Then turn out bolts of fastening (2), wring out RKPP from the engine and take out it down.

Bolts of fastening of a cover of a flywheel (1) and RKPP fixture to the engine (2)

At removal do not damage a pin of a main shaft, the gear shifting lever hinge, the lever of switching off of coupling, D/V of a lamp of a backing and the drive of a tachometer.



  1. Before installation check coupling (See the Head Stsepleniye and power shafts).
  2. Check a carving of openings of the damping support on the left holder of a forward frame. If necessary, carefully pass a carving a tap of M10x1.25.
  3. Raise RKPP and bring it to the engine.
  4. Screw bolts of fastening of RKPP to the engine and tighten them alternately with effort of 75 Nanometers.
  5. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components. Tighten fixture with the required effort.
  6. Check oil level in RKPP (see the Head Dvigateli).