7.2.9. Octane correction

By shift of the socket an octane proofreader it is possible to adapt the engine to quality of the applied fuel. On other engines it is carried out automatically by means of regulation on a detonation. For shift of the moment of ignition I will corrode the octane proofreader located in a motive compartment at the left depreciation rack, it is rearranged in the situation corresponding to the applied fuel.

/ 60 h.p. can transfer the engine of 44 kW from the AI 95 unleaded fuel on the AI 91 unleaded fuel.

/ 82 h.p. can transfer the engine of 60 kW from the AI 95 unleaded fuel on AI 98 fuel. If it is necessary to transfer the engine to the AI 91 unleaded fuel, it is necessary to install the new plug (it is delivered as the spare part).

The socket is in the holder at the right depreciation rack. The determined octane number is visible before a lock bracket.

Location of the socket octane proofreader


  1. For shift wring out a bracket of the socket and remove the plug.
  2. Turn the plug on a corner the 180th hail., insert it again and record. Insert the plug so that it was possible to read value of the determined octane number. The determined octane number can be read from a clamp.

Change of factory installation, is expedient only if the possibility of gas station of the car is not provided with the fuel established by Specifications, for example, at stay abroad. It is not necessary to operate the car on fuel which octane number is lower than the value established on the proofreader. In this case it is necessary to rearrange the plug, otherwise it is possible to damage the engine.