7.2.8. Check and main adjustment of the moment of ignition (C14NZ engine)

The main adjustment of the moment of ignition is necessary only in that case when the distributor of ignition was removed or the gear belt was replaced. For check the tachometer and a stroboscope are required.



  1. Warm up the engine up to the working temperature of OZh and be passed on the car of 5 more km to reach temperature of motive oil not less 80th hail.
  2. At the corresponding complete set switch off К/В.
  3. Switch off ignition.
  4. In the diagnostic MULTEC socket close накоротко plugs A and B.

Plugs of the diagnostic socket

  1. Establish a tachometer and a stroboscope according to their maintenance instructions. The tachometer is, as a rule, connected to ignition coil plugs 1 and 15. The socket at the same time has to remain attached.

Scheme of connection of a stroboscope
1 — an ignition distributor Cover
2 — VV a cylinder 1 wire
3 — a cylinder 1 Spark plug
4 — the Stroboscope
5 — To the battery
6 — the Capacitor plug of a stroboscope

  1. Start the engine and let's it work on single turns.
  2. Illuminate a stroboscope a pulley of a bent shaft.

You steer clear of moving parts of the power unit not to be traumatized.

The moment of ignition is determined correctly if the tag on a pulley in relation to a tag on the lower cover of a gear belt seems motionless. At the same time the moment of ignition corresponds the 10th hail. to VMT the Speed of a bent shaft when checking has to make 700 ÷ 1000 rpm.

Tags for check of the moment of ignition

If tags of installation of the moment of ignition do not coincide, it is necessary to carry out its adjustment.



  1. Release fixture of a tightening level and turn the ignition distributor at the working engine a little so that the preset value was reached the Vacuum box on the Corsa model is absent.

Turning of the distributor of ignition
And — Early ignition
B — Late ignition

  1. Tighten fixture of a tightening level.
  2. Temporarily increase the speed of a bent shaft till 2000 in min., if necessary, repeat adjustment.
  3. Kill the engine.
  4. Remove a crossing point from the diagnostic socket.