6.1.8. Check and replacement of the fuel pump - petrol models


The relay of the fuel pump is in a foot well, behind a cover of the right rack of C to which the door of the forward passenger adjoins. The relay provides power supply of the electric fuel pump and interruption of giving of food if at the switched-off ignition there are no ignition impulses (the engine becomes deaf).

If for the purpose of check it is necessary to turn on the fuel pump at the killed engine, disconnect the relay and close the plug 30 (a thick red wire) and the plug 87 (a red-blue wire) among themselves a short wire. For check of the relay of the fuel pump the rechargeable battery has to be charged.


  1. On the 45 and 60 h.p. engines of 1.2 and 1.4 l respectively temporarily switch off ignition. The fuel pump has to work during 2 pages.
  2. Check a safety lock No. 26 in the block of safety locks.
  3. Disconnect the relay (1) Previously remove a pocket from the forward passenger under the dashboard, and also side facing of a rack of A.

Location of the relay

  1. Attach the voltmeter to plugs 30 () and 85 (-) on the location of the relay. Tension between them has to make about 12 Century.
  2. Otherwise turn on the voltmeter between the plug of 30 relays and the negative plug of the rechargeable battery. If the voltmeter does not show voltage about 12 V, check, integrity of a wire of the plug 85 (see the Head Onboard electric equipment) or check a red wire. If necessary replace a wire.
  3. Include ignition. If tension 12B on the plug 86 () is absent, check integrity of a black wire. If necessary replace a wire.
  4. Close a short wire of the plug 30 and 87 among themselves. If the pump works, replace the pump relay. Otherwise check the red-blue wire going to the fuel pump. If necessary, replace a wire.
  5. If wires are whole and current passes, replace the fuel pump.

Check of productivity of the fuel pump


  1. Dump fuel pressure.
  2. On the 45 and 60 h.p. engines of 1.2 and 1.4 l respectively disconnect a toplivopodayushchy hose (1) to the block of injection and send a hose to capacity about 2 l.

The fuel giving hose

  1. On the 82 h.p. engines of 1.4 and 1.6 l and DOHC 1.0 and 1.2 engines of l disconnect a toplivopodayushchy hose (1) from the fuel highway and send a hose to capacity about 2 l. Disconnect a hose from the regulator of pressure of fuel and close it.

Giving (1) and returnable (2) fuel hoses

  1. Disconnect an electrical wiring of the relay of the fuel pump.
  2. Connect the plug 30 (a thick red wire) from a relay socle and the plug 87 (a red-blue wire) turn on the fuel pump for one minute. At a voltage of 12 V the pump has to give about 1.4 l/min.
  3. If productivity is small, replace the fuel filter and again check pump productivity. At negative result of check replace the fuel pump.
  4. Put on a fuel hose and fix it by a collar or a cap nut. If the vacuum hose from pressure regulator was removed, put on it.


The fuel pump is under a back seat, directly in the fuel tank. On the diesel engine the fuel pump is built in TNVD.

On the CORSA COMBO cars for removal of the fuel pump it will be required to remove the fuel tank. Before removal of the fuel pump it is necessary to devastate as much as possible the fuel tank to prevent a fuel effluence. For this purpose it is necessary or to pass on the car to full expenditure of fuel, or to pump out fuel through a jellied mouth the pump having protection against explosion.

You monitor airing of a workplace. Follow safety rules during the work with gasoline!


  1. Take off fuel pressure.
  2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  3. Cast away a back seat.
  4. Cast away a rug.
  5. Wring out the screw-driver a plastic cover in the body bottom.
  6. Separate the socket (1).

Socket (1) and fuel-supply lines (2) of the fuel pump

  1. Mark with a tape fuel-supply lines (2) and disconnect them from the corresponding unions (address an illustration). For this purpose weaken collars the screw-driver or cut.

Before a detachment of hoses enclose to appropriate places more rags for collecting the following fuel.

  1. To prevent a fuel effluence, it is possible to stop up hoses also. It is necessary to close as well unions to exclude hit in system of dirt.
  2. Open the lock fuel насосаДля it it is possible to use the special KM-797 tool. If there is no specified tool, put the corresponding plastic wedge at a groove of a lock ring and open a clip, slightly striking a wedge with the hammer.

Opening of the lock of the fuel pump

Do not apply for this purpose a metal wedge to exclude danger of formation of sparks!

  1. Disconnect a hose of return of fuel (shooter) from the union.

Returnable fuel hose

  1. Squeeze hands three lock pads.

Lock pads of a pump housing

  1. Take out a hook a pump housing from a tank and wipe rags the dripping fuel.

Extraction of the pump

At any damage of the fuel pump equipped with the filtering grid it is necessary to replace as well a grid. Damages and pollution of a grid of the fuel pump can be the cause of failures in operation of the fuel pump.

  1. Installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components.
  2. After installation start the engine and check, operation of the pump and existence of leaks.