6.1.3. Removal of air from a fuel path of the diesel engine

Air should be deleted from a fuel path in that case when the power supply system was opened or the fuel tank was emptied in the course of the movement of the car.


  1. Check availability of fuel in a tank.
  2. Start the engine. Through 10 with take a break on 5 pages. At start air from a fuel path is removed.
  3. After start let's the engine work about 30 with on the raised turns. At the same time air from a fuel path is removed completely.
  4. If the engine is not started because of education in a fuel path of an air stopper, give a cap nut of a nozzle 1 or 4 and include a starter for so that fuel acted after that again tighten nuts and start the engine.

Otdavaniye of a cap nut of a nozzle

You watch that on hoses fuel did not get. Otherwise immediately wipe it. Replace the damaged hoses.