4.7.9. Removal of a bent shaft

Removal of a bent shaft is possible only from the engine taken from the car. It is meant that a flywheel / a driving disk, a pulley of a bent shaft, a gas-distributing belt / chains with gear wheels / asterisks, the case pallet, a maslozabornik, the oil pump, the bridge of covers of radical bearings a cast crossing point / balancing assembly / маслоотражательная a plate (depending on a complete set) and conrod and piston groups are already dismantled (see the Part of the Procedure of repair of petrol SOHC engines without their extraction from the car, the Procedure of repair of petrol DOHC engines without their extraction from the car or the Procedure of repair of diesel engines without their extraction from the car).


  1. Before starting extraction of a bent shaft from the engine, measure the size of its axial side play. Fix the measuring instrument of dial type on the block to coaxially bent shaft, having rested its plunger against a cheek of one of cranks or against a shaft pin end face

Measurement of size of an axial side play of a bent shaft by means of the dial measuring instrument of plunger type

  1. Push a bent shaft against the stop back and nullify the device indicator. Now push a shaft in an opposite direction and consider the indication of the measuring instrument. The size of a free wheeling of a shaft in the longitudinal direction is also its axial side play. Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications in the Head Dvigateli. If the side play exceeds the maximum admissible value, check persistent surfaces of a shaft for existence of signs of excessive wear. In the absence of obvious signs of wear, installation of new persistent washers usually helps to correct a situation.
  2. In the absence of near at hand dial measuring instrument it is possible to use the ordinary probe of lezviyny type. Accurately shift a shaft against the stop forward on the engine, then determine the size of the formed gap between a cheek of a crank and a half ring of the persistent combined insert of the third radical bearing, having densely put in it the corresponding thickness a probe edge(s)

Alternatively axial side play of a shaft can be measured by means of the probe of lezviyny type (see the text of the paragraph)

  1. In a diagonal order, in stages (on 1/4 turns for approach) weaken bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings so that the possibility of their reversing manually appeared. Depending on need apply identification marking on covers of radical bearings of a bent shaft (use a center punch or a marker).

On the majority of engines on production covers of all bearings with 1 on 5 are marked in ascending order from the GRM drive.

  1. Carefully tap covers of bearings the hammer with soft brisk and remove them from the engine block. In case of need use bolts as levers. Track that at dismantle of covers were not lost the inserts of radical bearings enclosed in them.
  2. Carefully take a bent shaft from the engine, - in view of relevancy of weight of assembly it will be reasonable to secure with the help of the assistant. Track that inserts of radical bearings remained in the beds in the block and covers. Establish covers on the regular places on the block, and by hand tighten fixing bolts.