4.4.8. Removal, check of a state and installation of valves



  1. Remove the case of the gas-distributing mechanism
  2. Prepare 8 pure polyethylene bags or plastic glasses, having marked them as numbering of valves (it is possible to use also big box divided into eight separate sections). Serially remove levers of the drive of valves, maslootrazhatelny caps and hydraulic compensators and spread out them on appropriately marked capacities.
Removal of levers of the drive of valves
Removal of maslootrazhatelny caps
Removal of hydraulic compensators of valvate gaps

Installation of levers of the drive of valves in any order will lead to violation of compliance of a form and degree of their wear to wear of working surfaces of cams of the camshaft!



  1. Check the surfaces of levers of the drive of valves contacting to cams for existence of signs of wear and mechanical damages, - replace defective levers. In case of detection of defects of levers check also a condition of working surfaces of the corresponding cams of the camshaft, - most likely they will be damaged or worn-out too.
  2. Check a condition of maslootrazhatelny caps, make necessary replacements.
  3. In the absence of confidence in definition of a condition of hydraulic compensators they also should be replaced, - check of serviceability of functioning of compensators is not represented possible.



  1. Grease hydrocompensators and walls of their landing nests with pure motive oil. Install compensators on the former places.
  2. Install maslootrazhatelny caps on valves.
  3. Oil pure motive levers of the drive of valves and establish them on the former places, controlling correctness of landing on compensators and midstreams of valves.
  4. In conclusion install into place the case of the gas-distributing mechanism with the camshaft enclosed in it (see the Section Removal and installation of a head of cylinders).