4.4.1. Removal and installation of a cover of the gas-distributing mechanism



  1. Uncover an inlet air duct a cover of the case of a butterfly valve (see the Head of the Power supply system, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases).
  2. Weaken fixing collars and disconnect hoses from a cover of the gas-distributing mechanism.
  3. Turn out bolts of fastening of a cover. Uncover the case of the gas-distributing mechanism. If the cover "stuck" and does not give in to removal, do not hook it the lever not to damage the interfaced surfaces. Instead for release slightly tap a cover from sides the hammer with soft brisk. The damaged sealing laying is subject to replacement.



  1. Before installation examine a cover from within on existence of deposits of slags and other pollution. In case of need carefully clear a cover, having wiped it with the rags moistened in kerosene or other suitable solvent. Check a condition of the filtering element of system of ventilation of a case, in case of need wash out it the same solvent. For convenience of access to the filtering element it can be removed from a cover, having turned out fixing bolts. Before installation dry wipe a cover with pure rags.
  2. Make sure of purity and dryness of the interfaced surfaces of a cover and the case of the gas-distributing mechanism. Lay new sealing laying in a reception flute of a cover, having checked correctness of its placement concerning ledges. Accurately, controlling correctness of placement of laying, press a cover to the interfaced surface of the case of the gas-distributing mechanism.
  3. Screw fixing bolts and in accordance with the established procedure tighten bolts with the required effort.

Order of tightening of bolts fastening of a cover of GRM

  1. Restore initial connection of hoses.