12.3.4. Adjustment of a gap in the wheel bearing


  1. Poddomkratte a car back so that to release the corresponding wheel.
  2. Accurately uncover a wheel the screw-driver.
  3. Extend the forelock of a koronchaty nut.
  4. For landing of the bearing tighten a koronchaty nut with effort of 25 Nanometers.

Turn the brake drum when tightening a nut not to jam the bearing.

Tightening of a stupichny nut

  1. Several times move a nave in different directions that the bearing took the correct place.
  2. Release slowly stupichny nut so that a press washer of a moglaslegk to move.

Movement of a press washer

  1. At an otpuskaniye of a nut check a gap in the wheel bearing. The gap is adjusted truly if the press washer can be moved with the screw-driver only slightly.

At the same time the screw-driver when moving should not lean on a nave.

  1. At installation of the forelock tighten a nut to the next opening under the forelock.
  2. Check whether the press washer can be displaced. If is not present, then release a nut to the next opening under a pin.
  3. Insert the new forelock into an opening and unbend its ends.
  4. Fill a nave cover with lithium lubricant and then carefully establish it with a new sealing ring.

The deformed cover needs to be replaced since owing to its leakage moisture can get into the wheel bearing and it can collapse.

  1. Lower the car on the earth.