12.3.3. Removal and installation of the bearing of a wheel

The wheel bearing on the Opel Combo car is in a separate nave of a wheel whereas on other models it is directly in the brake drum. Besides, bearings of wheels and the brake drum on the Combo model have stronger design.



  1. Car back also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
  2. Remove the brake drum (see the Head the Brake system).
  3. On the Combo model remove a bearing boot by means of the wide screw-driver. Take out the forelock of a nut of a pin of a wheel and give a nut. Remove a nave with a press disk from a pin.

Removal of a nave on the Combo model

  1. Take out the screw-driver a sealing ring from a nave, trying not to damage a nave at the same time.

Removal of a sealing ring

  1. Take out the internal conic roller bearing.
  2. Carefully beat out an internal holder of the bearing by means of a brass drift. To exclude perekashivany holders in a nave, establish a drift alternately in opposite points of a ring.

Extraction of an internal holder of the wheel bearing

  1. Similarly carefully beat out an external holder of the bearing by means of a brass drift. HUNDRED Opel use for this purpose the special tool.

Extraction of an external holder of the wheel bearing

  1. Clear a wheel nave the pure rags moistened in alcohol.



  1. Replace the bearing surely in a set (internal and external holders and bodies of swing) in spite of the fact that only one of holders can seem worn-out.
  2. Check a half shaft for existence of damages and wear, if necessary address on HUNDRED for its replacement.
  3. Establish against the stop bearing holders. If there is no special tool for this purpose, a napressuyta a ring by means of a piece of a suitable pipe.

Installation of holders of the bearing

  1. Fill the bearing with lithium lubricant and install it on a half shaft.
  2. Install the internal bearing.
  3. Grease a new sealing ring between working edges and press it into place by means of a piece of a pipe of the corresponding diameter. On the Combo model similarly arrive with a nave.

Installation of a sealing ring

  1. Grease the external conic bearing and insert it into a nave.
  2. Establish a nave or the brake drum on a half shaft and install the external bearing. At the same time you watch that dirt did not get to the bearing.
  3. On the Combo model establish a press washer and screw a wheel nave nut.

Before installation of a cover of a nave unbend both ends of a lock pin

Order of installation of a cap of a stupichny nut on the Combo models

  1. Install the brake drum (see the Head Dvigateli).
  2. Establish a wheel so that the tags put at removal coincided. Lower the car on the earth and wrap bolts of fastening of wheels cross-wise with effort of 110 Nanometers.
  3. Adjust a gap in the wheel bearing.