12.3.2. Removal and installation of the stabilizer of cross stability (Corsa and Tigra model)



  1. Mark the provision of a back wheel concerning its nave that then the balanced wheel it was possible to establish in former situation. Weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel on the car standing on the earth. To Poddomkratta a car back, establish it on props and remove a wheel.
  2. Disconnect the stabilizer from a back axis.
  3. Remove the rubber damping stabilizer support.
  4. Remove the stabilizer from assembly of a back suspension bracket If the stabilizer is not removed, remove an opposite back wheel and beat out the stabilizer a drift.

Removal of the stabilizer

  1. Check a condition of the rubber damping support and if necessary replace it.



  1. For simplification of installation grease the stabilizer of cross stability with lubricant.
  2. Install the stabilizer on a back suspension bracket.
  3. Insert the rubber damping support into a back axis and check reliability of its installation.
  4. Tighten new bolts of fastening of the stabilizer with effort of 60 Nanometers, and then tighten them on the 15th hail.

Tightening of bolts of fastening of the stabilizer

  1. Establish a back wheel so that the tags put earlier coincided. Lower the car on the earth and tighten bolts of fastening of wheels cross-wise with effort of 110 Nanometers.