12.3.1. Removal and installation of a spring of a back suspension bracket (Corsa and Tigra model)


  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
  2. Poddomkratte support of the right back shock-absorber
  3. Turn out the lower bolt of fastening of the right shock-absorber and wring out it from a support.

Lower nut of fastening of the shock-absorber

  1. If necessary, disconnect brake hoses from the body bottom. At the corresponding complete set disconnect pressure valve regulator spring in hydraulic contours of brake mechanisms of back wheels (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance of the car).
  2. Slowly lower a jack, substitute it under a support of the left back shock-absorber and slightly raise it.
  3. Disconnect the left shock-absorber and wring out its support.
  4. Slowly lower a back axis, and remove at first the right, then left spring.
  5. Take out the lower and top damping rings of springs.
  6. Check wear of the damping rings.
  7. Installation is made upside-down.

You monitor the correct adjusting provision of springs: the opening of smaller diameter has to be turned up.

Correct adjusting provision of a spring