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12.2.2. Removal and installation of the cross lever of a suspension bracket



  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props. Give a fixing nut (1) and disconnect the lever from a body.

Nuts of fastening of the cross lever to a body (1) and a spherical support

  1. Disconnect draft and a spherical support from the lever and remove the lever.

On HUNDRED it is possible to vypressovat a rubber support of the lever of a suspension bracket and to replace it with new.



  1. Insert the suspension bracket lever between a spherical support and draft and fix by new bolts with a fillet and new самоконтрящимися nuts. Nuts should be navorachivat from below and to tighten in two steps: at first - with effort of 90 Nanometers and then to tighten 30 ÷ 45th hail on a corner.
  2. Insert behind a bolt of fastening of the lever to a body and screw new самоконтрящуюся a nut, without tightening it.
  3. Lift the lever by means of a jack so that it reached almost horizontal position, the corner of a makes approximately the 80th hail.

Angle of installation of the lever (80th hail.)

  1. In this situation tighten a nut with effort of 60 Nanometers. Remove a jack and lower the car on the earth.