11.7. Replacement of brake overlays of drum brakes


  1. Take off brake boots. Surely brake overlays of both wheels are replaced.
  2. Drill rivets of a brake slip and beat out them.

Drilling of rivets of a brake slip

  1. Brake overlays of two thickness are delivered:
    • Overlays of normal thickness (5 mm) can be established at once after a klepka and are not applied to the pierced brake drums.
    • Overlays of the increased thickness (5.6 mm) are established in case the brake drum was pierced previously. Brake slips after a klepka have to get used the grinder with a radius at 0.2 mm less than the radius of the processed brake drum.
  2. Carefully clear the interfaced surfaces of brake boots.

You do not apply glue between brake slips and a drum.

  1. Priklepayte brake slips to boots.

Insert rivets outside through a brake boot and their rasklepayta from within. You watch that the head of a rivet was pure, equal and evenly laid down on a brake boot.

  1. At a klepka of a new slip begin with the middle.

You watch that slips evenly adjoined to boots and had no gap anywhere.

  1. Establish brake boots.