10.3.2. Check of a state and replacement of the hinges of equal angular speeds (HEAS)


During the pilot run by the platform limited by the sizes try to determine a condition of external CV JOINTS aurally. The worn-out hinge during abrupt turns turn publishes characteristic clicking, - than turn more abruptly, that loading one hinge bigger, and that clicks are more distinctly heard. The faulty hinge is subject to replacement.


For assessment of a condition of internal hinges cock the parking brake, a front of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on props. At the corresponding complete set remove protection of a case. Pull the internal hinge up-down, then grasp it with one hand, and the second try to rotate a shaft in both parties. In case of identification of a little noticeable side play the hinge is subject in replacement.


On models of the last years of release internal hinges of tripodny type are used. Such hinges in an individual order on the market of spare parts are not delivered and in case of failure change assembled with shaft.


  1. Remove a power shaft (see the Section Removal and installation of power shafts).
  2. Release bandage tapes and shift a protective cover from the damaged hinge.
  3. By means of the screw-driver or flat-nose pliers for removal of lock rings, unclench a lock ring of fastening of the hinge.
Lock ring of fastening of the CV JOINT
Removal of a lock ring by means of special flat-nose pliers
  1. The heavy hammer with soft brisk bring down the hinge from a shaft.
  2. Establish a new lock ring in a flute of the new hinge. Put the hinge on a shaft to a zashchelkivaniye of a lock ring in a reception flute.
  3. Fill the hinge lubricant of the required type.
  4. Squeeze out the remains of lubricant in a cover, pull it on the hinge and fix by bandage tapes (see the Section Replacement of Protective Covers of CV JOINTS).
  5. Install a shaft on the car (see the Section Removal and installation of power shafts).