1.2. Identification numbers of the car

Improvement of products is continuous process of any line production. At the same time in automotive industry, except for cases of large changes of a design of the models descending from the conveyor, results of process of modification are not covered in the operation manual on the vehicle. However the manufacturer makes out number lists of the released spare parts in view of what upon purchase of the last information coded in identification numbers of the car is of particular importance. Doing the order for the required spare detail, try to provide to the seller fuller information on the car. Surely report the name of model, year of release, and also number of the body/chassis and power unit.

Schild with identification number of the car (VIN) it is fixed under a cowl on the top cross-piece of the panel of a front, besides, VIN is beaten out more to the right of a front passenger seat, - the special cover is provided in a carpet.

Schild with VIN on the top cross-piece of a front

Schild with VIN near a seat of the forward passenger

On company Schild VIN is beaten out, as a rule, on the third place, looking from above. Interpretation of information coded in VIN is given below.

WOL 0 S B F 08 W 1 000027
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 - Definition of the manufacturer: WOL - ADAM OPEL AG; VSX - OPEL-Pkw.

Till August, 1997 release:
2 ÷ 5 Gaps
6 - Car type: 71 - Combo (Van), 73 - a three-door Hatchback, 75 - Tigra, 78, 79 a five-door Hatchback

Since September, 1997 release:
2 a GM code of the manufacturer
3 - Car type: S-Corsa, Combo, Tigra
4 - Designation of model: D-Corsa B, Combo B, And Tigra A
5 the body Equipment
6 - Body type: 73 - two-door Hatchback
7 - Year of release: V - 1997, W — 1998
8 - Manufacturer: 1 - Ryusselkhaym, 4 - Zagaroza, 6 - Opel Eisenach.
9 - Serial number of the car: for example, 27 - the car of 1998 of release.

Designation of the engine is under a final collector on the block of cylinders. Since 1995 designation is applied on inflow for the TNVD installation of the diesel engine.

Number and designation of OHC 1.2 and 1.4 engines of l are beaten out on the forward party of the engine, near an opening of the probe of measurement of level of motive oil.

Location of identification number of the power OHC 1.2 and 1.4 unit of l

Number and designation of the DOHC 1.4 and 1.6 engine of l are near an oil filter on the block of cylinders. On l DOHC 1.0 and 1.2 engines number is beaten out about the case of an oil filter on the block of cylinders.

Location of identification number of the power DOHC 1.4 and 1.6 unit of l

Interpretation of information coded in designation of the engine is given below.

X 10 X E
1 2 3 4

1 - Extreme values of the fulfilled gases: With - the catalytic converter and a lambda adjustment of quality of mix, norm of US ’83, X the Step 2 (norm with ’96).
2 - Engine capacity: 10 - 1.0 l.
3 - Extent of compression: G no more than 8.5; L = 8.5 ÷ 9.0; N = 9.0 ÷ 9.5, S = 9.5 ÷ 10.0; X = 10.0 ÷ 11.5; Y more than 11.5.
4 - System of injection: E - the distributed injection (MFI); Z - central injection (CFI); V - carburetor; D - diesel engine.